Bentayga and the Bentley Factory - 'Best Driving Roads Live Here' with Esso Synergy Part 3

On the road for our third and final tour around the United Kingdom to celebrate the launch of new Esso Synergy fuels, in a Bentley Continental GT V8 S around Wales with the theme 'Best Driving Roads Live Here'.
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On the third leg of this tour we take a stop at the home of Bentley Motors in Crewe, for a tour of the factory and new production line for Bentayga, the company's first SUV. I am also offered an opportunity to try stitching a steering wheel, visit the wood shop and trim shop, and then even create some interior components of my own.

This video was made possible by Esso Synergy. #sp

Thanks for watching, Tim


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Duur 20:38
Geplaatst 24 dec. 2015
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