Daniil Kvyat takes his Russian driving test


As one of the very few people in the world to hold a super licence but not a regular driving licence in his native country, Dany Kvyat is one of the few racing drivers to rely on public transport (or more likely a trusted lift) to get him to the shops when back in Russia.

It's about time that was put right, so following his home Russian Grand Prix in October, he visited a test centre in Moscow to take his driving test and earn his road wheels.

Check out how Dany got on in the above video as he applies what he's learned from the F1 circuit to driving in the every day world – much to the surprise of his instructor...

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Video door Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Duur 02:28
Raceklassen Formule 1
Coureurs Daniil Kvyat
Teams Red Bull Racing
Tags driving test, fun, sports

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